Putting it all together

I have started to put together a family tree in a narrative style telling a story the best I can. McClellan family and the Cannon Family have a listing of people and need to be fleshed out to increase the enjoyment of reading about the families.  There are probably many gaps here and there that it makes it difficult to follow. As time goes by, hopefully, I can fill in the gaps. My goal is others will find these pages in the future and will add more information. It would have been great to have done a Wiki, so everyone could contribute and it would be available immediately. Setting up a Wiki is beyond me…  So, this is my best attempt at getting everything out there in a usable and easy to read format. One problem I have ran into is the formatting. WordPress, is not the easiest to format. I am attempting to do indention from father – mother to children and then the children’s children.  That is not working out the best. Hopefully, you will be able to figure out the lines. Then my direct lines I just have to repeat their information to some degree to keep the line going and make sense as to who belongs to who or whom. I am hoping by using the names as tags, they will help other find these pages. We will see. Please use the comments to make any suggestions or add any info. Thanks.

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One Response to Putting it all together

  1. Dana Brinson says:

    My name is Dana Cannon Brinson and I am the daughter of Joe Rhea Cannon. His father was Arthur Rhea Cannon. Grandfather Sherman Price Cannon. My brother, sister and I all live in Oklahoma. My dad was a Marine in World War II and went to the University of Oklahoma school. During his law career, he was State Representative for Muskogee County, Muskogee County Attorney, head of the Oklahoma Highway Patrol, chief council to Governor J. Howard Edmondson, and an Oklahoma County District Judge. My father passed away in 2003. His older brother William Price Cannon was a Navy pilot in World War II and he was shot down and killed on a mission over Germany.

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